Art has always been a part of me. Going back as far as I can remember it always seemed to me that there was an importance attached that made it …just more.

I Always wanted to be able to paint watercolor. My wife Janet started me on my way to learn about painting. She started me off with a few books on watercolor painting. Then she gave me a course in watercolor for a Christmas present.

That gift  put me in a seat in a class at the Falmouth artist guild with a guy named Claude Croney. He had a bit of a reputation as a very accomplished watercolor painter. He wrote a few books and was a member of the AWS…. that’s good!

Along with my wife, Claude  had a great influence on my understanding watercolor.    I ended up taking another course with him and painted diligently for  a year or so.

I entered some shows and got some recognition here and there but they were community building type of competitions and did not mean that I was any good at painting.

While enjoying a juried show in Plymouth, I was impressed with the art…especially the watercolors that were in the show. There were 3 jurors all with some pretty heavy credentials. You had to be good to get into a show like this one! You really had to be able to paint!

When the show came up the next year, I entered 3 paintings. Two of my paintings had been selected . One of them had won a ribbon of honorable mention.

I had done it. I could paint. At least the judges had thought so, and a few people sho wanted to buy my art!

I paint most every day now, enjoy it immensely, and hope to continue growing in my watercolor painting. Who knows, maybe I will do the first cubist watercolor ever!